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Maintenance - Lead
Title:Maintenance - Lead
Department:Admin Support

Pepin Academies

Lead  - Maintenance 


Major Function

This employee is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and repair of Pepin Academies’ campuses


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Has knowledge of the work expectations and can perform the duties of the job independently
  • Maintains an acceptable work standard; completes assignments within allowable time limits
  • Accepts responsibility for assigned tasks, related actions, equipment and tools
  • Exhibits a positive attitude toward work; accepts suggested procedural charges willingly; meets varying workload demands and can cope with normal job pressures
  • Requires only general instructions or direction; formulates appropriate solutions to normal assignments or problems
  • Works well with others; sensitive to the needs of others; an effective team worker
  • Reports to work at the assigned time and remains on the job for the assigned duty period; provide proper notification if absent
  • Complies with established work rules, Pepin Academies policies and procedures
  • Performs assigned tasks in accordance with established safety practices
  • Interacts in a positive manner with Pepin Academies staff, parents, administration, employees and students
  • Provide leadership and development to personnel and communicate the expectations, vision, and values of the school to all associates in a professional and safe work environment.
  • Ensure delivery of the best possible Facility that is clean, safe, and in good repair.
  • Perform daily, weekly, and monthly building inspections to identify safety and cosmetic concerns.
  • Perform routine maintenance and timely repairs in the areas of painting, carpentry, plumbing, equipment, electrical, and all related building components.
  • Oversee vendor activities that include the scheduling of repair and maintenance needs as required; closely monitor progress to ensure quality of work.
  • Provide constant attention to all life safety issues; ensure building emergency systems are operational through in-house inspections and vendor maintenance contracts.
  • Inspect Custodian service quality regularly; provide clear direction and timely follow-up on issues that do not meet school’s standards.
  • Ensure that maintenance and repair methods for all building components are appropriate and consistently applied.
  • Develop routine systems to ensure constant monitoring of problem areas.
  • Understand the expenses related to maintenance, repairs, and supplies, while maintaining budgetary goals.
  • Provide training to associates as it relates to the cleanliness, safety, and in good repair of facility, and knowledge and use of all housekeeping equipment to accomplish this.
  • Uphold Business Practice Standards and follow all established schools policies and procedures.



Preferred Qualifications & Specific Skill Competencies

  • Excellent communication skills including the ability to provide clear and concise details regarding building issues.
  • Proven ability to lead teams and achieve results through resources.
  • Good mechanical aptitude and manual dexterity with the ability to lift at least 50 lbs. of weight.
  • Ability to follow instructions on safe use of all chemicals/cleaning materials.
  • Ability to perform tasks with tools, ladders, and scaffolding in a safe and effective manner.
  • Proven ability to meet deadlines with minimal supervision.
  • Excellent administrative and follow up skills to achieve successful maintenance and repair programs.
  • High degree of attention to detail to perform facility inspections on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Intermediate to advanced proficiencies in building trades including painting, light electrical, basic plumbing, equipment repair, tile, and carpentry.
  • Great knowledge in HVAC equipment functions with ability to repair minor issues.
  • Proficiency in MS Office.


School Expectations: All employees are expected to demonstrate regular and predictable attendance; to support the District’s vision, mission, goals, and Strategic Plan; to engage in civility, respect, and professionalism; and to maintain the professional knowledge and skills necessary to perform the essential duties and responsibilities of their positions.


Minimum Qualifications

High School Diploma

Three years’ experience or work related experience in the field of custodial/maintenance



Pepin Academies is a Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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