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Para Student Discipline
Title:Para Student Discipline
Department:Instructional Support
Pepin Academies


The employee is responsible for assisting the administrative staff in working with students and teachers and carrying out other duties assigned by the principal and other school administrative staff. In working with students and teachers, the paraprofessional will work under the direction and supervision of the principal or a member of the administrative staff.

Duties of this position include, but are not limited to:

    1. Assisting the administration in:
        a. supervising students in all areas on the campus and in the building as assigned,
        b. communicating with bus drivers and bus garage,
        c. supervising the unloading and loading of buses each day,
        d. collecting bus discipline forms and delivering them to the Assistant Principal for Student Services, from the bus drivers,
        e. conducting bus evacuation drills,
        f. maintaining a distribution and security system for providing keys to authorized personnel,
        g. maintaining a monitoring system for unexcused absences and reporting excessive absences to the proper administrator,
        h. managing the sale of parking stickers and the monitoring of student and staff parking lots,
        i. maintaining ISS classroom environment conducive to effective learning,
        j. operating technology equipment which would include preparing the room for the activity, obtaining the required material and equipment, the operation of the equipment and the return of            all equipment to storage,
        k. any other tasks assigned by the administration.

    2. Assisting students by:
        a. providing attendance forms to obtain drivers licenses,
        b. communicating bus routes to students and parents,
        c. making emergency bus changes by student,
        d. maintaining a system for checking in students from late buses,
        e. providing any other assistance to students assigned by the administration.
        f. preparing materials and assisting students to complete classroom assignments for the teacher,
        g. assisting with the performance of daily assigned tasks.

    3. Assisting teachers by:
        a. administering appropriate assessments designed to measure and observe student progress when appropriate and as directed,
        b. helping students to complete classroom assignments which have been provided,
        c. preparing and implementing lesson plans for students based on assessed needs and in accordance with the district's philosophy and curriculum system,
        d. preparing materials to assist students to complete classroom assignments for the teacher,
        e. collecting materials used in instruction,
        f. communicate accurate knowledge of subject matter in a comprehensive manner using language and style appropriate to the learner,
        g. applying concepts, laws, and rules relevant to subject matter,
        h. demonstrating a breadth of subject matter knowledge that enables students to approach and to interrelate topics from a variety of perspectives, interests, an points of view,
        i. using the current references, materials, and technologies of the subject field in a manner appropriate to the developmental stage of the learner,
        j. demonstrating the ability to check student comprehension of subject matter and providing accurate feedback to students.

    4. Participating in staff development to improve skills necessary to work with students and staff.

School Expectations: All employees are expected to demonstrate regular and predictable attendance; to support the District’s vision, mission, goals, and Strategic Plan; to engage in civility, respect, and professionalism; and to maintain the professional knowledge and skills necessary to perform the essential duties and responsibilities of their positions.


1. High School Diploma or equivalent.
2. Ability to communicate well in oral and in written form.
3. Ability to relate to students, parents and staff.


1. College training in student services areas or education.
2. Computer skills in word processing and/or data entry.
3. Experience in working with young people.

Pepin Academies is a Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

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